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Kickstarter Recreates 100 Original Turbo Man Dolls From ‘Jingle All The Way’

The 1996 Christmas classic Jingle All The Way taught the world what a dad is willing to do to get a kid their favorite toy. And though you’d never take it to Arnold’s extreme (who wants to be in a parade?), you still have more in common with him than your muscles. Mostly, not being able to find a damn Turbo Man.

turboman action figure

That’s because Turbo Man dolls — er, action figures — are fictional, and as a result very hard to come by. There are only a few in circulation. But, thanks to Kickstarter, a man named J.R. DeJesus, and  the film’s director Brian Levant (who loaned out the Turbo Man prop for the cause), there will now be 100 more of these guys. DeJesus (not to be confused with that other Christmas guy) used 3D scanning to print replicas of the original for the first 100 backers who donated $130 dollars, which is less costly than a feud with Sinbad.

jingle all the way movie still

Sadly these puppies got snatched up within a few days of the campaign launching. Although DeJesus briefly, and publicly, toyed with the idea of making more, the first hundred lucky customers complained and he stuck to his original plan. So, in the spirit of the movie they’re no longer available. Of course, you probably weren’t going to drop over $100 (or around $300 on eBay) on a toy that’s more for you than your kid anyways. Just watch the movie — it’s a much more affordable way to introduce your kid to turbo time, anyway.

[H/T] Gizmodo