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KFC’s Beyond Meat Nuggets Sold Out in Five Hours

Talk about finger-lickin' good.


Ditching meat has unexpectedly become the hottest trend in fast food in 2019. Del Taco rolled out Beyond Meat tacos and sold two million of them in the first few months. Burger King introduced the Impossible Whopper, causing McDonald’s to begin exploring the world of meat-free alternatives. But the biggest vegetarian-friendly hit in the world of fast food may end up being KFC, as the chain’s Beyond Meat nuggets were available for the first time this week and managed to sell out in less than five hours.

The popular fried chicken brand announced this week that they would be selling nuggets and wings (boneless, obviously) and would be selling the new items at a single location in Atlanta. The singe store approach paid off in a massive way, as people lined up around the block to try out the new nuggets, causing the store to run out of supply just five hours into the promotion. According to Tech Crunch, the amount of Beyond nuggets and wings sold in that short window of time is the equivalent of the amount of popcorn chicken a KFC store typically sells in a week.

On top of selling a whole lot of meatless nuggets, the customers who tried out the new product were overwhelmingly pleased with their experiences. Several people even shared their experiences on social media, praising KFC for providing a solid plant-based alternative to traditional chicken nuggets. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that KFC will have Beyond Meat nuggets available in stores across the country in the immediate future but when they do, we can’t wait to give them a try.