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Kevin Hart Gets Revenge on Daughter for Father’s Day Prank

"Dad always wins dammit!"

Getty Images

On Father’s Day, most children treat their dads to a nice meal or heartfelt gift. But if you’re Kevin Hart‘s kid, the jokester gene runs strong and a traditional gift just won’t cut it. After enduring a brutal (yet hilarious) Father’s Day prank from his daughter, the 39-year-old comedian got his sweet, sweet revenge.

In an Instagram video, Hart is seen sneaking up on his 14-year-old daughter Heaven before grabbing her and throwing her into the pool…while she is fully clothed. Heaven pleads with her father before her inevitable fate, yelling “No dad! Please! No! I’m sorry!”

But it was far too late. After chucking her in, Hart turns to the camera and explains that this is payback for her pranks on Father’s Day. “She put whipped cream on my face, she put an ink pen all on my head,” he says. “That’s major payback, throwing her in the water when she least expects it, all her clothes on.”

A voice off camera points out: “You better be lucky you didn’t have your cell phone!” (Let’s face it – that’s probably the only reason Heaven was able to pull off a smile while being thrown in.)

Last week, Hart shared a video of Heaven waking up her dad on Father’s Day with whipped cream right to the face. The caption read: “My daughter is a jerk sometimes 😂😂😂 Gotta love her tho!!!!! #Harts#ScaredTheShitOutOfMe#PayBackWillBeAbitch”

You can’t say you weren’t warned, Heaven.

We’re not sure yet if Hart’s payback initiated an all-out prank war among the family, but we wouldn’t be surprised. Hart has two other children that could very well be dragged into the antics: 11-year-old Hendrix and one-year-old Enzo.