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Kevin Hart Kicks off His Family Vacation with a Father-Daughter Dance Off

Kevin Hart kicked off his family vacation yesterday by posting an Instagram picture on a private jet and announcing he was going to sit back and relax on a family vacation after filming for the past three months. A few hours later, it was clear the Captain Underpants star couldn’t sit still. Instead, he spent his quality time having a dance-off with his daughter, Heaven Hart, to the tune of Drake’s new song “KMT.” To her credit, it escalated into a dab-off pretty quickly.

Heaven and Kevin showed off their best moves in the clip below. Impressive, but Heaven’s dabbing was no match for her old man. His secret weapon — like so many dads — was socks with sandals. Presumably, that comfort allowed him to finish out the song despite getting old (his words), while his daughter seemingly ran out of gas. Another theory? “I think she’s trying not to out dance him, so he doesn’t feel bad,” one commenter suggested.

Commenters mostly fell into one of two camps — people praising Hart for being a great dad, and people who just popped in to make fun of his height. “Your daughter is almost as tall as you, Kev,” one wrote, along with many, many others. So she probably doesn’t need this win to hold over his head. In a few years, she can do that with everything else.