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Kevin Hart and His Wife Face Backlash for Son’s “Offensive” Birthday Party

People are not happy with the "Cowboys and Indians" theme.

Eniko Parrish/Instagram

Kevin Hart and wife Eniko Parrish are being slammed for the controversial birthday party they threw for their son last week. On Thursday, Parrish posted pictures of one-year-old Kenzo’s “Cowboys and Indians” themed bash on her Instagram, earning the couple a lot of criticism for what many are describing as being culturally insensitive.

Captioned, “Zos cowboys & Indians party was nothing but amazing! Thanks to everyone for coming.. we love you guys! ♥,” the first photo showed all of the guests, with some wearing cowboy outfits and others wearing traditional Native American garb. Parrish also shared pictures of Dad feeding Kenzo bites of his three-tiered teepee cake along with some solo shots of the one-year-old (who has his own Instagram account with over 65,000 followers!).

People were not happy with the couple’s choice of theme, accusing Hart and Parrish of cultural appropriation. One person commented, “Y’all should know why this ‘theme. is wrong on so many levels. Sickening,” while another said, “I guess if you have money it’s alright to be stupid and offensive.”

Some followers stood up for little Kenzo’s birthday bash, though, saying the Hart family should be able to enjoy their son’s special day however they’d like. Like user @brendadb68, who said, “You go Hart family. I hope you all ignore these drama queen idiots who have nothing better to do then criticize something so innocent as a child’s birthday party & make an issue out of everything.”

As of Monday morning, neither Hart nor Parrish have responded to any of the criticism yet.