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Kenny G Stunt Is the Most Relatable Thing Kanye West Has Ever Done

Hear me out.


When I was in junior high school, I really liked Kenny G. There are millions of people like me, who shamefully have hidden their love of Kenny. But, it turns out, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are more like me than I thought. They too, actually like Kenny G, the most tragically uncool musical artist in contemporary music history. And, with a big Valentine’s Day stunt involving Kenny G, Kanye has become way more relatable than he has been in years. His weird politics aside, I suddenly feel like I could hang out with Kanye like as a dad and husband. After the Kenny G thing, I suddenly feel like I get him.

By now, you’ve seen the news. On Valentine’s Day, Kanye West surprised his wife — Kim Kardashian — by populating a room full of roses and Kenny G, playing his signature soprano saxophone, rocking his equally famous curly mane. Now, you can write this off as an insanely extravagant rich person thing to if you want. Perhaps this is even the 21st Century version of Marilyn Monroe singing “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” to JFK. I don’t know. The point is, I feel like if we all could do what Kanye did at this moment, we would. Not because it’s cool, but because it’s so overtly cheesy. It’s like for one second the universe decided that Kanye West was a character in a really well-funded romantic comedy, and decided to let everyone just admit they love Kenny G and schmaltzy saxophone solos on Valentine’s Day.

Here’s something else I’m going to say about this. Making fun of this insane stunt is so easy that I think anyone who is mocking it is intellectually lazy. (Half the internet is already acting like it’s worse than Will Smith’s blue Aladdin body paint, which is also fine, btw.) The point is: Of course, this is crazy. Of course, it’s weird. But, you know, what no one is talking about? It seems like it proves Kanye actually loves his wife, which, considering how public and unrelatable Kanye and Kim usually seem, is kind of a triumph in genuineness. I feel like you can only hire Kenny G for your wife if you know for a fact she will love it. Kanye wasn’t taking a risk here. He had the vision of what he wanted. Inspiration struck him and he was like, “Yep, Kenny G in a room full of roses. Nailed it.”

It’s also relevant that Kanye came up with this at the last minute, which also proves it’s romantic. I think a lot of dudes can relate to this: not knowing what to do for Valentine’s Day or a birthday, and then coming up with something really corny and over-the-top at the last minute. I once threw together a super-cliché Central Park rowboat date a few hours before one of my wife’s birthdays and we still have the framed pictures! If I could have gotten Kenny G, I would have. Apparently, Kenny G also did this performance for free which also means he was totally into the idea.

Call me an optimist, but this was the most un-cynical Valentine’s Day thing I’ve seen from crazy famous people in a long, long time. And yeah, I’ll buy the inevitable Kanye West/Kenny G collaboration album, too. I’ll get it on CD and play it on my junior high school era boombox.  I can’t wait.