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Ken Jennings Teases ‘Inevitable’ Showdown With James Holzhauer

But here's why it probably won't happen anytime soon.


Since his shocking defeat earlier this week, Jeopardy! fans have wondered what James Holzhauer would do next. Will he return to gambling? Go on a press tour? Try out his luck on Wheel of Fortune? But what fans clearly want most is to see Holzhauer face-off against Ken Jennings, the man whose record he nearly broke in his impressive 32-game win streak.

And while Holzhauer has yet to comment on whether or not he would be willing to take on the all-time Jeopardy! champ, it appears that Jennings is up for the challenge. In a recent interview with Good Morning America, Jennings called the showdown ‘inevitable’, saying that the two will almost certainly go head-to-head in a future Tournament of Champions.

“But Jeopardy! only does those special tournaments every so often,” the 45-year-old told GMA. “[A]nd obviously I can’t get 29-year-old Ken to show up with his sleek, 29-year-old brain. It’s got to be me, with my broke-down brain.”

As Holzhauer rapidly approached Jennings’ record, it felt like a new champion was inevitable. But even though the gambler fell just short, Jennings says he was blown away by Holzhauer’s impressive gameplay.

“Watching James on that show, he feels as close to Watson as you can get and still have a pulse,” Jennings said. “His accuracy is just unbelievable.”

He also noted that while he enjoyed over a decade of fame due to his impressive run, he’s likely been overshadowed by the newest Jeopardy! phenomenon.

“It hit me all at once, I’m not that ‘Jeopardy! guy’ anymore,” he explained. “He’s that ‘Jeopardy! guy,’ I’m like your dad’s ‘Jeopardy! guy.’ “

Still, it’s hard to feel like Holzhauer will truly be able to claim the title of ‘Jeopardy! guy’ until he officially takes down Jennings. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long to see the two titans of trivia face-off.