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Here Is How Kelly Clarkson and Pitbull Like to Spend Time With Their Families

"No social media. No phones. Get them out."

Being a parent is a full-time job and one of the biggest responsibilities is figuring out how to make sure your kids are having a fun time. It’s a problem even celebrities have to solve, which is why Kelly Clarkson and Pitbull, two of the stars of UglyDolls, shared their favorite ways to have family fun.

Kelly Clarkson, who is a mother to two kids, said that her idea of family fun is getting out of the house with the kids and doing something active.

“We love going outside,” Clarkson explained. “We are big fans of either going to Disneyland or going hiking or going swimming, just being outside.”

When they aren’t in the pool, Clarkson says they love a good movie night and while they may not know their mom is famous, Clarkson does watch UglyDolls with them. Though, she says they might feel forced to like it because of she’s in it.

“They probably feel obligated [because] I’m the mom so they have to be like, ‘Yeah, I love UglyDolls.'” Clarkson joked.

As for Pitbull, he likes to maximize fun when he is spending time with his family.

“Lot of music playing,” he explains. “Lot of food where everybody is having a good time. We’re either playing pool or jumping in the pool.”

He does have one very important rule when it comes to family time and it’s something that a lot of parents will surely relate to.

“No social media,” Pitbull says. “No phones. Get them out.”

UglyDolls is available digitally now and will be on Blu-ray July 30.