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Keira Knightley Says That ‘Paw Patrol’ Is Like ‘Toddler Crack’

But she explains why she ultimately appreciates the addictive kid's show.

Being a parent is a wonderful and fulfilling experience but it doesn’t come without its headaches, including handling tantrums, surviving on no sleep, and, of course, having to spend countless hours of your life watching Paw Patrol. And if you feel like the beloved but divisive kid’s show is driving you crazy, you can at least take some solace in knowing that even celebrity parents are tired of Paw Patrol, including Keira Knightley. The Oscar-nominated actress was a guest on The Tonight Show last night and while speaking with host Jimmy Fallon, she said her three-year-old daughter is fully in the Paw Patrol phase of her life, much to mom’s chagrin.

“We’re really deep, deep, deep into Paw Patrol,” Knightley told Fallon. “It’s like toddler crack, isn’t it?”

But while it’s clear that Knightley is a bit tired of her toddler’s addiction, she does admit that it has its benefits for parents.

“It’s kind of a good thing,” Knightley explained. “Because Saturday night, maybe you had a couple more glasses of wine than you should have and Sunday morning, Paw Patrol…”

“Is the best thing to ever exist in the history of the world,” Fallon added.

“It’s absolutely amazing,” Knightley said.

However, Knightley isn’t ready to celebrate the show just yet, as she said that if you aren’t hungover, Paw Patrol remains an avoidable force in the life of parents. Fallon was once a Paw Patrol skeptic but he admits that he has learned to embrace the show and its strange mythology.

“I’m into it now,” Fallon says. “I’m into the plotlines. It’s really deep.”