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Someone Replaced Every Disney Prince With Keanu Reeves and It’s Absolutely Perfect


Disney; Crystal Ro/Buzzfeed

If you didn’t already have a crush on a Disney character, illustrator Crystal Ro is here to make you even thirstier. The Buzzfeed writer and illustrator has taken the Disney princes we know and love and replaced them with Keanu Reeves‘ face – and honestly, we could not be more grateful.

Though Reeves has been in the game since the early 1990s (and given us some of our favorite films), he’s become something of an internet sensation these days. The 54-year-old Canadian-American actor is killing it at the box office with last month’s John Wick: Chapter 3, and this weekend’s Toy Story 4 is sure to be a hit. This week, it was also revealed that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been trying to get Reeves to star in their films for years.

Basically, it’s a great time to be Keanu Reeves.

And it’s getting even better for the actor (and for us) with Ro’s recent creations. The artist reimagined Reeves as all our favorites: Prince Charming, Prince Eric, even The Beast. Not only is her art incredibly well-done, but it’s also seriously making us wonder why Reeves has never been cast as a Disney prince. He certainly has the jawline and swish-y hair required for the role.

Well Disney execs, consider this his official audition tape. Enjoy.

Prince Charming

Prince Eric

Prince Phillip

Prince Charming

Prince Li Shang

Prince Naveen

John Smith

The Beast