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Keanu Reeves Charity Zoom Date Is About to Break the Internet

Right now, 15 minutes for the action star is going for nearly $17,000.


Keanu Reeves is widely known to be one of the nicest, most down to earth actors in Hollywood. The internet has been stuffed to bits with tales about his kindness, generosity, how hard he works, and his humility from regular people to stuntmen for the John Wick and Speed star and it almost feels like a balm to the ordinary tales of celebrities being, frankly, mean and bad people who date women half their age

That’s why it’s no surprise that Keanu Reeves is using his clout (and his glowing reputation for being a genuinely nice guy) for good — by teaming up with Camp Rainbow Gold, a nonprofit organization that provides a healthy and safe camp program for kids who are diagnosed with cancer and their families, to help raise money for the organization — by auctioning off a date. 

The website, advertising the exclusive date, reads: “Bill & Ted. Speed. The Matrix. John Wick. You know him. You love him. This is truly priceless and now you have the chance to Zoom with him from home!” And, it’s true. What could be more priceless than a Zoom date with Keanu Reeves? It’s hard to say — and the bids that are currently on site are proof that many people just want a little bit of time with the action star. 

While the date can’t be in person, due to social distancing guidelines and general medical device that suggests that people should limit their time around others in order to not spread, or develop, the deadly coronavirus, Keanu is auctioning off a 15-minute Zoom call to the highest bidder — and all proceeds will go to Camp Rainbow Gold directly. 

The current highest bid sits at $16,900, a pretty penny — more than $1,000 per minute of time with the famous star. The first bid was $3,000, and bidding doesn’t end until Monday, June 22nd at 12 p.m. mountain time, suggesting that the price for the date will go much higher than its current standing.