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Kanye Had an Extremely Kanye Answer When Asked If Having a Daughter Changed How He Sees Women

His answer might surprise you, but also probably won't.

Kanye West is known for saying whatever is on his mind, whether it’s offensive, stupid, brilliant, or a combination of the three. And last night was no different, as he was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live and, when asked about his relationship with women now that he has daughters, he assured everyone that he still watches porn.

“Do you think your attitude towards women has changed since having daughters?” Kimmel asked West. The question has been in the air since the start of summer when West dropped his latest album Ye, which closes with West expressing his fears of raising a daughter on the song “Violent Crimes.” One of the song’s lyrics reads:

Father forgive me,

I’m scared of the karma

Cause now I see women as somethin’ to nurture

Not somethin’ to conquer

Though he said his attitude changed in his song, he responded to Kimmel’s question by saying, “Nah, I still look at Pornhub.”

And it didn’t end there. After Kimmel jokingly pressed him to reveal which categories were his favorite West agreed, arguing that as a celebrity he can be an open book.

What’s the point of being Kanye West if you can’t?” West asked, smiling.  

None of this is controversial for West really. Whether comparing himself to religious figures or, more recently, questioning the severity of slavery, the musician and entrepreneur is known for making statements calibrated to leave an impression. And as his interview with Kimmel shows, it is clear the strategy hasn’t changed.  

While West was as shocking as ever, he also shared some genuinely touching parenting moments when he spoke about how he has connected with his daughter through fashion. West told Kimmel that he had his daughter North draw her own design sketches, which he then had his team turn into a real dress that North now wears. West also explained that he constantly is designing new clothes for his kids, which they all enjoy.