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Kanye West Proposes Giving Millions To Parents If They Don’t Have Abortions

As part of his presidential run, West's policy proposal isn't out of left field, but the reasoning behind it might be.


Presidential candidate Kanye West kicked off his presidential campaign with his first ever rally in South Carolina on Sunday, and the rally went just about as you’d expect. In the free-wheeling affair, West began the rally by having some young women speak about the problems that concerned them in the United States, from police violence to education issues, and then began to speak freely about issues that concerned him: his own personal opioids issue, working with Adidas, and abortion. To end abortion, he had one policy idea that included giving direct cash to families.

In the speech, West also talked about his personal relationship with a woman’s right to choose to terminate or continue her pregnancy. He spoke about how his own father wanted to abort him when he was a fetus, and how he didn’t want his first daughter, North, to be born. Breaking down into tears, he said, “I almost killed my daughter. I love my daughter… God wants us to create.” He then said: “No more Plan B. Plan A.” 

The pro-life rapper then said that while he wouldn’t make abortion illegal, he wants to give families that carry pregnancies to term “a million dollars, or something in that range.” He said. While one million dollars is a lot of money, the cost of having children is deeply prohibitive, and other candidates have tried to push forth their own ways to make parenting more affordable. Other policy proposals include free marijuana. 

He also went on a rant about how Harriet Tubman didn’t actually free enslaved people and just sent them to work for other white people.