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Kanye West Battles The Kardashians on ‘Family Feud’

Things got a little weird, then sweet, then weird again.

Youtube Family Feud

Kanye West is really good at a lot of things: being a once-in-a-generation musical talent, designing conspicuously expensive clothing, and, of course, making you cringe until you feel what’s left of your humanity wither inside your chest. But, when the West and Kardashian/Jenner families joined comedian Steve Harvey to compete against each other in a game of Celebrity Family Feud, who the hell could have guessed that playing the game so confidently would end up being just another feather in Kanye’s cap of obscure talents?  

Khloe, Kim, Kylie, Kris, Kendall, Kanye ⏤ the whole family was there. Which is why it was at least a little shocking when West just came out of the gate swinging and smashed the buzzer in Kris Jenner’s face before she could even contemplate an answer to the semi-awkward prompt, “Name the top five reasons why Steve Harvey is a good kisser.” It’s not that anyone who was playing likely spends that much time considering how they’d mack on the King of Comedy himself, but with almost no hesitation, West hit the buzzer and said ‘lips.’ Though the Kardashians eventually stole those points, Kanye still declared: “I’m here to win.”