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Conservatives Beg Justin Timberlake to Keep the Half-Time Show Kid Friendly

JT is never going to live down the infamous "wardrobe malfunction."


Singer and actor Justin Timberlake will have top billing during the Super Bowl Halftime Show this Sunday, and one conservative media advocacy group is asking him to keep it clean for the kiddies. Given that JT is a dad, it feels likely that he will, but it’s not a ridiculous request given what happened last time he was on that stage.

This will be Timberlake’s first Super Bowl appearance since 2004, when he infamously ripped off a piece of Janet Jackson’s outfit and exposed one of her breasts. In an “urgent appeal” sent to the singer by the hyper-conservative Parents Television Council, conservative activists begged Timberlake to not repeat a performance that “really threw us – and millions of parents who were watching with their kids.” The council is urging Timberlake to be extra mindful of his actions this time because kids are already being exposed to  “harmful and explicit content” on TV and need not be privy to more content that “sexualizes our daughters.”

Though it remains unclear how Justin Timberlake would sexualize the daughters of the board of the Parents Television Council, his work is pretty sexy and will likely be presented at least moderately sexily — depending on how much emphasis is put on the Trolls soundtrack.

The council would likely find it reassuring to know that Timberlake and Jackson didn’t plan for the original act of exposure. That said, puritanical TV obsessives have not been the only ones to bring up that prior mistake since Timberlake was announced as this year’s performer. He has, for what it’s worth, promised that nothing similar will happen this time around.