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Justin Timberlake Concert Had a Crazy Gender Reveal

When JT spotted the poster the expectant mom had brought, he agreed to announce the baby's sex onstage.

Instagram: maddielynnfp

Justin Timberlake is a modern renaissance man. He can sing, dance, act, and, apparently, help expectant mothers reveal the sex of their babies in front of thousands of people. Maddie Putrino, who is pregnant, attended a Timberlake concert last week in Albany and decided to create a sign asking for Mr. SexyBack himself to help with her baby’s sex reveal. The sign read, “Justin, Gender Reveal Selfie? Young Man or Señiorita?” During the concert, JT spotted the poster and he agreed to announce the baby’s sex onstage.

“I noticed that Justin is pretty interactive with his audience,” Putrino told Babble. “He’s been known for taking selfies with fans at his concerts and the Super Bowl.”

Timberlake didn’t end up doing the selfie; he ended up doing something even better. After letting the rest of the audience know what was going on, he grabbed the piece of paper that Putrino had written her baby’s sex on and announced to the entire crowd that Putrino was having a girl. Unsurprisingly, everyone there went wild after Timberlake made the reveal, as it’s not every day that a concert turns into a sex reveal party.

Putrino’s friend who came with her to the concert was able to capture the moment on video and Putrino then uploaded it to her Instagram, where it has received nearly 5,000 views in just five days.

“I was in complete shock!” Putrino says. “I thought he was going to just take a picture with me, but he really just stopped the whole show to tell the whole audience.”