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Juan Soto’s Dad Was the Best Part of the Nationals’ World Series Celebration

Put this man in the sports dad hall of fame now.

Twitter/Eireann Dolan

Juan Soto is really good at baseball—he had three homers and seven RBIs in the World Series his team clinched last night. But what makes him a joy to watch are his youthful (he turned 21 during the Series) antics: staring down pitchers, flipping bats, imitating his opponents’ home run celebrations and openly having fun. George Will can and will clutch his pearls, but Soto is the future of baseball, and thank goodness for that.

And yet, the young Dominican outfielder wasn’t even the Juan Soto having the most fun on the field after the Nats beat the Astros last night for the first title in team history. That honor goes to Juan Jose Soto, his dad, bursting with pride and celebrating with his son the same way he has throughout the playoffs (and the same way we’d like to if it was our kid in the Majors).

Before the game, Juan Sr. made two signs for the stands, each with a printed photo, hand-drawn letters, and a bunch of stars, because why not?

In case you were wondering “La fiera” means “the beast” in Spanish.

The Juans celebrated on the field after the game, and before he went into the locker room to enjoy his first legal beer in the United States, Soto the younger hugged both of his parents before posing for a cellphone photo with them.

A quick perusal of Juan Jose Soto’s Instagram shows a proud dad sharing birthday wishes for his son, pictures of them FaceTiming, and plenty of other wholesome, grade-A dad content. Odds of him having an extensive library of dad jokes? Very high.

Soto’s dad been a notable presence throughout the playoffs, to the delight of Nats fans and those who like seeing happy people be happy. After the NL wild card game, he tackled his son to the ground with the exuberance of a big puppy who doesn’t realize how big he is.

After they got up off the ground, a photographer snapped this unbelievably pure photo.

In a postgame interview last night, A-Rod made fun of Soto for still living with his parents as a major leaguer. But with parents like this, it’s hard to blame him.