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Joycelyn Savage’s Father Says R. Kelly Should ‘Rot in That Jail Cell’

He hasn't seen his daughter in over two years.


R. Kelly may be denying allegations of sexual abuse—but the dad of Joycelyn Savage, one of the women currently in a relationship with the rapper, isn’t convinced. In an interview on CBS on Friday morning, Timothy Savage spoke out against Kelly.

“He needs help, but this man has done so many women wrong and he needs to rot in that jail cell. Period,” Timothy Savage told Gayle King. According to him and wife Jonjelyn, they haven’t seen their 23-year-old daughter in nearly two and a half years, ever since she started dating Kelly.

Timothy went on to refute Kelly’s claim that he brought Joycelyn to the 2015 show where she met the singer. “I have never met Mr. Kelly. Never in my entire life,” Timothy said, adding that he has only spoken to the 52-year-old over the phone.

“[Kelly] said, ‘You gonna have to wait to see your daughter. Trust the process,'” Timothy told King. “How can you tell another father to trust the process, but you rappin’ and ravin’ on TV that you wanna see your kids, but you won’t allow me to see my own daughter. How do you think that makes me feel as a father?”

And mom Jonjelyn is just as concerned. In a press conference on Wednesday, The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that she had an important message for her daughter: “If you’re seeing this… please know I love you. Nothing that we’ve done was to embarrass you, it’s because we care about your well-being. We won’t stop until we have our answers and make sure you’re safe and sound.”

However, Joycelyn, who lives with Kelly along with his other girlfriend, 21-year-old Azriel Clary, told King in a separate interview that she loves the rapper. “He’s our full support, and we’re his full support. And all we need is each other,” she said.