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This Sleeping Kid Was the Highlight of the State of the Union

Joshua Trump is back.

Getty Images

Joshua Trump may have been excited when he received a special invitation to the State of the Union address but his reaction to the president’s speech itself was much different. The 11-year-old is now going viral for falling asleep during last night’s highly-watched event.

One of only 13 people to be personally invited by the president and first lady, Joshua first gained national recognition when he dropped out of school after being bullied because of his name. Mom Megan Trump told WPVI-TV that kids called him “stupid” and an “idiot,” despite the fact that Joshua is not actually related to the commander-in-chief.

And now the Delaware middle school student is once again in the spotlight, as people are loving the clip of Joshua dozing off just before Trump starts discussing the border wall and immigration issues. Seated between first lady Melania Trump and cancer survivor Grace Eline, Joshua was caught by a news camera with his head back and eyes closed.

“Joshua Trump is the only good Trump,” tweeted one person. Another said, “Joshua Trump truly represents America.”

And it’s no surprise that the young boy nodded off, given that the speech didn’t start until 9 p.m. (on a school night!). Not only that but at 82 minutes long, it was the third-longest State of the Union address in history.

But Joshua’s nap likely wasn’t meant to be disrespectful to his hosts. According to The Hill, the White House said in a statement that Joshua was “thankful to the First Lady and the Trump family for their support.”