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Cable’s Teddy Bear Sparks Speculation About Plot of ‘Deadpool 2’

When Deadpool came to theaters last year, fans immediately fell in love with the foul-mouthed, quick witted, and slightly deformed superhero played by dad legend Ryan Reynolds. The R-rated superhero film went on to make more than $750 million worldwide, so a sequel was all but inevitable given Hollywood’s undying love for a money-making franchise. The sequel will not be released until summer 2018, but Reynolds got fans excited yesterday when he tweeted a photo of Josh Brolin as Cable, the time-traveling soldier who, per the comics, has a long and complicated partnership with Deadpool.

In addition to Brolin’s top-notch undercut, metal arm, and laser eye, Fans took notice of the teddy bear tied to Cable’s belt and began to wonder what significance it might have to the overall story. There are several theories about the mystery bear, but the most accepted idea is that Cable’s arc in the movie will involve Hope Summers.

Who is Hope Summers? She is a young, powerful, and potentially dangerous mutant from the X-Men comic book universe. Cable believes that Summers, the first mutant born after an event in which most mutants are stripped of their abilities, will one day save the world and help unite mutants and humans. He adopts her and protects her from those who believe she might bring about the world’s destruction.

So does this mean Deadpool 2 will revolve around protecting Summers? Maybe, but it’s also possible that the teddy bear is merely meant to remind Cable of his daughter and give the viewer an understanding of Cable’s personality and motivation as a character. Either way, this photo seems to confirm that being father figure is an essential part of Brolin’s Cable. And given the success of Logan, the superhero genre is clearly ready to add some dads to the action.