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Congressman Addresses His Impeachment Speech to His Young Kids

"I love you. Listen to mom."


Congressman Joe Kennedy of Massachusetts (yes, one of those Kennedys, RFK was his grandfather) joined the vast majority of his Democratic colleagues in voting to impeach President Trump for abusing his power and obstructing Congress.

Each member of Congress had the chance to make a speech about their decision. Republicans railed against the process and competed to be the best groveler at the president’s feet; one literally compared the president to Jesus Christ. Democrats did their best to act solemn as if the part of them that relished (finally) impeaching their sworn political enemy didn’t exist. It was pretty much exactly what you’d expect.

Kennedy’s speech tracked with those of the rest of his colleagues, but it was a little different in that he chose to address his remarks to his children.

“Dear Ellie and James, this is a moment that you will read about in your history books,” he began. “Today, I will vote to impeach the President of the United States and I want you to know why. He broke our laws. He threatened our security. He abused the highest, most sacred office in our land.”

This checks out, but as Kennedy continued his speech it felt at least a little heavy-handed. He went on to emphasize “that it does not feel good” to vote to impeach the president, which it probably should considering the awful things he’s done in office.

“Let the record show that today, justice won, that we did our job, that we kept our word, that we stood our sacred ground. Let the record show that we did not let you down,” Kennedy continued before getting to the only part of his speech that Ellie and James, who turn five and two this month, respectively, will currently understand.

“I love you. Listen to mom.”