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‘Game of Thrones’ Actor Endorses Fan Idea for a ‘Joker’ Sequel

And, it actually makes sense !

Getty/DC via the.batman/Instagram

Joker is the first R-rated film to top $1 billion in global ticket sales, and it just picked up four Golden Globe nominations for actor, director, score, and motion picture drama. Warner Bros. is almost certainly exploring R-rated adaptations of other DC Comics fare, but it’s a potential sequel to Joker that’s inspiring the most excitement.

Instagram fan account @the.batman recently floated a neat and tidy way to tell another story with strong connections to both the film and the original source material. It’s a good idea that just picked up an endorsement from a key actor.

But let’s back up for a second. In Joker, Arthur murders one of his co-workers but allows another, Gary, to escape unharmed. The gist of this sequel idea is that, while Gary is horrified at the time, he might come to appreciate Arthur sparing his life because he’d done “nothing wrong.”

Gary might appreciate it so much that he becomes Gaggy, which those familiar with the comics will recognize as The Joker’s first sidekick.

Leigh Gill, who played Gary, reposted the theory, fueling speculation that it might be a real possibility.

“It would certainly be fun as hell to play,” but it would also help Gill continue to build his career, which has definitely been on the rise.

Following a brief appearance in Game of Thrones—he played the actor who impersonates Tyrion in Braavos—playing Gary in Joker was the biggest of his career. It makes sense that he’d be eager to play it again, particularly in a story that would likely give him an even meatier role.

But while fans and Gill are eager to see this story, only time will tell if WB and Todd Phillips agree.