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Johnny Knoxville’s Son Is Just As Outrageous As His Dad

The 'Jackass' star recalled a recent parent-teacher conference that proved his son is a chip off the old block.


Johnny Knoxville, creator and star of the infamous Jackass franchise, has built a career on unpredictable behavior and an unquenchable thirst for danger. And judging from his recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, it seems his son Rocko may have inherited some of his old man’s reckless abandon.

Last night on the show, Knoxville shared the disastrous experience of attending his 8-year-old’s recent parent-teacher conference. He told Kimmel how his son’s teacher explained that Rocko is “excitable” and “has trouble knowing when it’s appropriate to talk.” Mind you, last year Knoxville admitted that Rocko has a habit of eating wasabi for fun. The teacher proceeded to share examples of the ridiculous things Rocko has said at school, including explaining that his head was too big when he was born so he had to be delivered via a C-section.

He also will offer unsolicited advice to his classmates, like when he told them, “Whatever you do, don’t get drunk on your wedding night.” While Kimmel and Knoxville both agreed it was sound advice, they conceded that an elementary school classroom probably isn’t the right place for such words of wisdom.

While Knoxville seemed to find the entire ordeal hysterical, his wife ⏤ who Kimmel described as lovely and normal and totally not somebody you would ever think to fix up with the outrageous stuntman ⏤ was less than enthused. Which is why Knoxville, who is always looking for ways to cause mischief, naturally found his wife’s mortified reaction so funny that he pulled out his phone and started taking pictures of her with her hand over her face, making it crystal clear where Rocko got his love for outlandish antics.