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John Oliver’s Handy Back-To-School Guide Will Help Your Kid With All Their Homework This Year

Earlier this week, John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight posted a subject-by-subject summary of what kids going back to school can expect to learn this year. It takes him under 4 minutes. Since, as a parent, you’re expected to answer all your kid’s questions about this stuff, the video is required viewing for you, too:

[youtube expand=1]

Highlights include his take on history (“Google ‘Warren G. Harding, penis named Jerry,’ you won’t be disappointed.”); chemistry (“You won’t even learn how to make meth, and that’s all anyone’s really in it for.”); and literature, which he helpfully boils down to a guide entitled “Who Dies At The End.”

But don’t take that as an excuse to not watch the video. After all, good parents lead by example and you don’t want Junior cutting corners this year, now do you?