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The Best Joke in John Mulaney’s Netflix Special for Kids Is This Musical Tribute to Picky Eaters

Everyone knows a kid who loves one very specific meal.

John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch, the variety show starring the beloved stand-up comic and a group of delightfully precocious kids, dropped on Netflix last week and has received overwhelming response from critics and viewers alike. But while there are plenty of jokes to love in the new special, our favorite part has to be a hilarious musical number where one of the kids explains to Mulaney just how difficult life really is for picky eaters.

The video begins with Mulaney joining some of the kids for lunch, which he declares is the best part of the day. However, one of the kids angrily tells him that “some people find mealtime quite difficult.” Mulaney asks if the kid has a peanut allergy and while that turns out not to be the case, the kid laments the fact that his life is going to be difficult because he only loves one type of food: noodles with butter.

From there, we get an elaborate dance number with the kid explaining that while he hates being a “picky eater” who makes a scene, he can’t help the fact that the only food he ever wants is noodles (the tube kind) with butter (but not too much butter, you know?).

The entire song is wonderful and is refreshingly sympathetic to kids who are often labeled as “picky” just because they only like specific kinds of food, or, in this case, one very specific kind of food. After all, the song shows that the kid wishes he liked more food but he can’t help the fact that only macaroni and butter taste good to him. And even most experts say that making a picky eater feel bad about their limited range of taste doesn’t do any good.

So thanks Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch for finally giving picky eaters the anthem they never knew they needed.