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John Mulaney Destroys “Love Is Blind” In this Unaired SNL Sketch

This is spot on.

Everyone seems to be talking about the Netflix original reality show Love Is Blind. Talk about the show is all over the internet, and in anticipation of the upcoming reunion show, Saturday Night Live took on their own spoof episode of the show in this unaired sketch. Their version of the show had another relatable twist to it and here’s what went down.

Love Is Blind: Quarantine Edition is a sketch with a coronavirus twist. The SNL cast members play people looking for love while being quarantined for an outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. Heidi Gardner plays an “aspiring stay-at-home mom” who contracted the virus while on a cruise. SNL host of the week, John Mulaney, appeared in the sketch as an extremely ill man named Dirk. He was hooked up to an IV drip for the entirety of the sketch.

“They all share something in common,” the spoof says in a voice-over. “Not only are they super desperate to get married, but they’re also being quarantined for exposure to the coronavirus.”

The SNL sketch is very similar to the original, with the same looking set with pods, and the contestants have funny things in common like traveling and chat about how they got exposed to the virus. It’s a genius way to combine two hot topics of the week.

This was the third time John Mulaney hosted Saturday Night Life, and he did a great job, once again. The Love Is Blind skit was cut for time, but several others made it to air and brought the giggles.

Uncle Meme was another standout sketch where Uncle Ron, played by Mulaney, accuses his nephew Tyler, played by Pete Davidson of making a cruel meme with Ron’s Facebook profile photo. Ron puts together a whole presentation of evidence against and memes that make us laugh at the silliness of Mulaney’s face and meme culture.

Sound of Music: Rolf and Liesl sketch is a recreation of a Sound of Music scene. In the sketch, the eldest von Trapp daughter Liesl, played by Cecily Strong sings about being 16 going on 17 and how old Lisel, played by Mulaney, is. We love a good singing sketch, and this one does a fun way-back twist on that song that always gets stuck in our head.

It would have been amazing to see Mulaney destroy Love Is Blind while we watched this weekend, but thankfully they released their unaired clip, and we can laugh while we wait to hear what happened in the real show.