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Watch A Boy Befriend the Monster Under His Bed In This Touching John Lewis Holiday Commercial

The ad focuses on a young boy and the monster under his bed.

John Lewis

What if instead of the monster under the bed terrorizing your kid, it turned out to be your kid’s fart-loving best friend? That’s the plot of this fantastic new advertisement from British department store John Lewis, which always comes big with the holiday-themed commercials.

The latest spot features an unexpected and touching friendship between a young boy and the monster named Moz occupying his room. At first, the boy is frightened when he hears Moz snoring and tries to shoo him away with a “no monsters allowed” sign on his door. Eventually, the boy and Moz bond over their love of flatulence (classic!), after one of the monster’s farts ends up shaking the boy’s bed and conures giggles from them both.

Once they have established common ground, the two finally meet face to face and discover they may not be the enemies the world tells them to be. In fact, they might be friends. Soon, the two play games and cause mischief every night well past the boy’s bedtime. Eventually, the lack of sleep catches up with him, however, and Moz realizes he has to leave the boy behind to let him grow up. But not before he gets the kid one final Christmas gift. It’s sweet and incredibly well done, and almost seems like a live-action Pixar short.

Take a look:

Over the past few years, John Lewis has developed a reputation for creating some of the best Christmas commercials around by appealing to the sweet, sentimental side of the holiday season. For many, the commercials have become the unofficial kickoff for the holiday season. Sure, John Lewis is celebrating the consumerist side of the holiday,  but at least they are doing it via bouncing foxes and a badger and big-eyed monster friends who live under the bed.