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John Legend Valiantly Attempts to Care for Two Kids at Same Time

Unfortunately, things quickly fall apart.

Instagram: Chrissy Teigen

In addition to being a Grammy and Oscar-winning musician, John Legend, by all accounts, appears to be a pretty damn good dad too. But even the best dads can’t always demonstrate control over every situation. In a recent Instagram post from his wife Chrissy Teigen, Legend tries to care for both of his kids at the same time. And while his effort certainly deserves applause, it should come as no surprise that the task proved too much for the man who is halfway to an EGOT.

In the video, Legend can be seen burping Miles, his newborn son, while holding Luna, his two-year-old daughter, on his shoulders ⏤ already a precarious setup. As Luna watches TV, however, she slips from his shoulders and in an effort to regain her balance, grabs her dad’s head for support and nearly pokes his eye out.

To Legend’s credit, he remains unfazed and continues burping Miles, even as Luna climbs back onto his shoulders. In fact, the video ends with Legend congratulating Miles by saying, “Good burp, good burp.”


A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

Teigen uploaded the video onto her Instagram over the weekend with the caption: “Bahahahahaha.” Her fans clearly agreed with her amused response to Legend’s dad skills, as the video has received over one million likes and been viewed more than eight million times in just two days.