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John Legend Has Written Brilliant Potty Training Songs — But There’s a Catch

The singer admits that the "Stinky Booty" song wasn't his only dad-song-composed-on-the-fly.

Credit: Pampers/John Legend

John Legend is just like you. Well, maybe not exactly like you, but he does make up dorky songs for his kids on the spot to try to make them happy. Parents know how this goes: You need to get your kid to do something — get out of their diaper, eat some veggies, put on their coat, etc. — and so, you make up a song about it. For Legend, one of those dad ditties became “Stinky Booty,” a song he sang to his daughter Luna, but then, became part of a huge campaign for Pampers, resulting in his current initiative to help get 5,000 new diaper changing tables installed in men’s restrooms around North America. But, could Legend might have, shall we say some unreleased songs about diapers and poo-poo. In a recent chat with Fatherly, Legend admitted that he’s totally sure he came up with potty training songs for his daughter Luna, but tragically, he’s can’t remember them.

“Oh yeah, Luna is fully potty trained now. I’m not sure when it happened exactly. I mean, I can’t exactly remember her having diapers at this point!” Legend told me. When I pressed him for some potty training tips, what I was really looking for was a new potty training song. From Elmo to Daniel Tiger, there are a lot of poop songs out there for parents to both endure, and hopefully, benefit from. So, I wanted to know, does John Legend have a potty training song and if so, can we hear it?

“We sing all the time to our kids, but I don’t remember them all, you know, because they’re improvised on the spot. They’re silly and then — they just disappear. The diaper was the one stuck with us. I guess Miles [Legend’s son] will probably sing it at some point, too.”

So there you have it, somewhere in John Legend’s brain and memory, there are potty training songs, and those songs are probably excellent. Could this elusive potty training song be better than “Ordinary People” or “Surefire.” Maybe. We’ll just never know.

Legend did have one potty training insight for parents going through that particular phase. “Luna was pretty quick. I the fact she was getting ready to go to preschool helped a lot. She knew other little kids needed to do it and she wanted to do it. ‘Stinky Booty’ didn’t stop her from wanting to be potty trained.”

Here’s John Legend’s new video all about that big changing table initiative.