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John Legend Explains Why Failure Is an Essential Part of Parenting

Sometimes it's better as a parent to learn from your mistake and just move on.


In a recent interview, Chrissy Teigen wasn’t shy about pointing out that her husband John Legend is a bit of a pushover with their young daughter, Luna. This week, Legend had the chance to evaluate his own parenting skills. During a chat with HuffPost, the father of two didn’t steer away from his own shortcomings as a dad and explained why failure is an essential part of parenting.

Interviewed as part of the singer’s new partnership with Wholesome Wave, a non-profit that “empowers under-served consumers to make better food choices by increasing affordable access to healthy produce” and the juice brand Naked, Legend spoke about trying to do the right thing and set a good example for his kids. And when asked if he ever feels like he’s coming up short or not being the best dad, he kept it as honest as possible.

“Oh, all the time!” he said. “Little accidents [laughs] like, ‘Oh, I just dropped his head on that.’ Nothing lifetime damaging but you always have these little moments like, ‘I could’ve done better with that,’ or, ‘Ooh, I shouldn’t have let her fall down.’”

Overall, the father of two said that sometimes the best thing you can do for your kids and as a parent is to simply learn and move on from the ‘I could’ve done better,’ moments. He explained that the birth of his first child showed him that kids are a lot more durable than you initially think, and if you don’t freak out, they’ll probably just bounce right back.  

“You start to realize after the first kid that they can recover from most of these things. You can’t flip out every single time. They’re gonna fall. Help them get back up. And pretend it didn’t happen.”