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John Krasinski Is Glad ‘Jack Ryan’ is a “Boy Scout”

In a world of anti-heroes, Krasinski is glad his latest character is straight-forward.

Amazon Studios

Everyone loves John Krasinski these days, and not just because it seems like he’s a great dad. Not only did the guy fly 6,000 miles every weekend to spend time with his family, he’s also jazzed about playing an uncomplicated, straight-forward hero on TV. Krasinski plays the titular Jack Ryan in the new Amazon Prime series based on the best-selling books by Tom Clancy. Though there have been a lot of Jack Ryans over the years, Krasinski might be the best if only because his version of the CIA analyst is the most relatable and down-to-earth. And in a new interview, Krasinski confirms that’s kind of the point.

“…There’s a lot of jokes in the show about him being a boy scout,” Krasinski said in an interview published this week. “I kind of thought it’s about time that we had a boy scout on television as a hero now.”

Krasinski’s comments come just a week after Jack Ryan debuted on Amazon Prime. Right now, the show is getting mostly positive to mixed reviews, with many commenting on how the show seems like it comes from a totally extinct era. 

In the world of Jack Ryan, there is corruption within the government, but good guys can still fight the good, patriotic fight from within the system. For some, this might come across naive, but on the other hand, this kind of fantasy might be great escapist entertainment for a lot of people. Krasinski might not be able to change the corruption happening in the real world of politics, but as Jack Ryan, he can make all of us feel better, if even for an hour or so.

-Jack Ryan is streaming now on Amazon Prime.