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Don’t Look Now But John Cena Just Auditioned to Be the New Host of ‘Blues Clues’

Steve Burns, the original host, also said he'd be open to returning to the show.

Getty Images

Last month, Nickelodeon announced that it’s bringing back Blue’s Clues and holding open auditions in Los Angeles to find a new host. Given the show’s popularity, it makes sense that some big celebrities are throwing their hats into the ring. The latest, according to People, is WWE superstar and actor John Cena. Official callbacks won’t take place until April 14, but Cena expressed interest when he posted an Instagram photo from the original show. Then, last week, Cena tried out for the role in front of a crowd at the Nickelodeon Upfronts.

Cena would be quite a departure from Steve and his younger brother Joe, but Nickelodeon is reportedly hoping to take the show in a different direction rather than follow the same formula from 20 years ago. With a decent filmography under his belt, perhaps Cena is exactly the change the studio is looking for?

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But while Cena may appear to be the clear front-runner, at least for now, he’s going to have to beat out a lot of competition. Including the show’s original host, Steve Burns, who expressed interest in returning to the role in an interview with TMZ. Burns said that he enjoyed that the show could be hosted by “a normal, weird dude” like him instead of “a super buff, amazing professional wrestler.” Burns even (jokingly) called out Cena and challenged him to prove he was serious about getting the part.

“I think if John Cena is serious about hosting Blue’s Clues, he and I should wrestle for it,” Burns declared. “I’m calling you out, John Cena!”