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Sorry Usain Bolt, But That Jogging Stroller Is Messing With Your Running Game

You may have wondered, as you earned Parent Of The Day awards on your morning run, if that extra 25 pounds of squealing, giggling weight in the jogging stroller is messing with your form. Or, you would if you’re physiotherapist and “2:44 marathoner” Rory O’Sullivan.

A new study published in Gait and Posture (you don’t subscribe?) reveals O’Sullivan’s findings while monitoring runners on an indoor track and running at their own pace. Half of them used a stroller and half ran solo, and he found the stroller-pushers did, in fact, modify they how they ran. Specifically, the learned forward 6.7 degrees more, with a 1.4-degree decrease in “trunk rotation” and a 2.9-degree decrease in “trunk side flexion.” The good news is that these are small changes that won’t cause injury or turn you into a hunchback. O’Sullivan told Runner’s World that running with your kid is “absolutely safe.”

Credit: Serge Melki

Still, that forward lean and decreased trunk movement can create strain on your hip muscles that should be alleviated with some basic stretches, like lunges and bridges, post run. O’Sullivan also suggests running with one hand on the stroller, which will decrease the forward lean somewhat. But don’t sweat your form too much — among everyday runners, there’s no real “proper form” to begin with — and, while O’Sullivan might have a zippy marathon time, until he can build and run with a fully loaded Batmobile stroller, runner fathers can take his advice with a grain of salt.

[H/T]: Runner’s World