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These Are The Most Prestigious Careers For Your Kid To Pursue, According To Other People

Donnie Ray Jones

If you’re itching to know how your career aspirations for your kid stack up against the other parents on the playground, the Harris Poll has your back. Their polling wizards asked over 2,223 adults to rank careers by prestige and by what they’d encourage their kids to pursue most. Unsurprisingly, everyone still wants to raise a doctor, which is a lofty goal for a little person who still needs help with their own band aids.

Respondents ranked doctors as the most prestigious followed by scientists, firefighters, military officers, engineers, nurses, architects, EMTs, veterinarians, and police officers. PR consultants came in last, with 69 percent of participants saying the career garnered little to no prestige at all, while musicians, actors, athletes, and even politicians were more respectable, which is ironic given how much money politicians spend on public relations experts.

Jobs Ranked By What Parents Would Encourage And Prestige

Respondents also said doctor was the first career they’d encourage their kids to pursue, followed by engineers, nurses, scientists, architects, veterinarians, EMTs, IT consultants, teachers, accountants, and chefs. People were the least likely to encourage them to become politicians, stockbrokers, and actors, because who wants their kid to be that good at lying?

The data gets more interesting when it’s broken down by generations: Musicians, politicians, and actors fair better with adults aged 18 to 35, which probably says something insidious about social media, celebrity obsession, and self absorption. And senior citizens aged 70 and over are generally unimpressed by anyone who doesn’t provide them health care, which just says something about self absorption. Then again, those people’s kids are all grown up, so you don’t really have to care what they think of your kid’s career.

[H/T] The Harris Poll