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Census Data Shows That The Majority Of Millennial Jobs Are To Serve You

flickr / Alper Çuğun

According to the PEW Research Center, a millennial is anyone between the age of 18 and 34. According to you, they might be anyone who’s lazy, entitled, and speaks fluent SnapChat. But a data analysis of millennials’ jobs shows that they’re not all the aspiring YouTubers many think.

Looking at 5 years of data from the Census Bureau, Data USA found the military was the largest employer of millennials — with a median age of 29, and a majority of them males. The food service industry was a close second, which is a very different type of service. Still, both categories represent pretty old school occupations that aren’t for the weak-willed. And, with the average salary of in food service being $16,202, it sort of explains why so many millennials are pissed off.

Perhaps less surprising is that millennials were the least employed in the management sector, where the median age is 50. A 25-year-old is more likely to be serving your country, or your burger and beer than trying to be your boss. So maybe lay off those damn youths … especially if you’re also 34.

[H/T] Data USA