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These Are The Crucial Skills That Could Keep Technology From Taking Your Kid’s Future Jobs

flickr / r. nial bradshaw

Shark Tank star and fellow father Mark Cuban recently predicted that in 10 years critical and creative thinking will be more important than computer and data science. Turns out, that’s not much of a maverick statement. The World Economic Forum, an independent non-profit based out of Switzerland, recently predicted a similar shift, only sooner than Cuban thought. Add that to your plate of future things to prepare for (and eat it).

The Future Of Jobs Report, which looked at the latest research from academics and as well as data from the U.S. Department Of Labor, estimates that in just 5 years one-third or 35 percent of jobs skills needed in the workforce will have changed. While they predict that the number one skill needed — complex problem solving — will remain the same, critical thinking will be the second and creativity will be the third most important quality by 2020.

Emotional intelligence will also prove to be much more than a parenting in the near future. By 2020 emotional intelligence is set to replace quality control as the sixth most important skill, mostly because a computer can’t do that. Ironically, experts anticipate that technology will kill a lot of tech jobs. So goodbye coding camp and hello emotional intelligence camp.

Mostly, you want to teach your kid to do what robots can’t. And while you’re at it, you might want to teach yourself since this is only 5 years off. And if you need help being more critical, creative, and emotional, just ask your kid. They’re likely killing it in these departments already.