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The Surprising Reason Joanna Gaines Says Having a Fifth Kid ‘Relaxed’ Her

"I feel young again."

Joanna Gaines/Instagram

When it comes to kids, Joanna Gaines believes the more the merrier. In a recent interview with People, the former Fixer Upper host explained how having her fifth child, Crew, has actually made her less stressed.

“I kid with people, ‘If you ever want to feel young again, have a baby at 40,” she said. “It’s brought this whole new thing for me where I’m a lot more laid-back. People joke that I’m the ‘Fun Jo’ now.”

Nine-month-old Crew, who Gaines calls “my little sidekick,” was born on June 30, 2018, joining Drake, 14; Ella Rose, 12; Duke, 10; and Emmie Kay, nine.

And while Crew was a surprise to Gaines and husband Chip, she told People that her fifth child has changed her life for the better. “I realized there has to be spontaneity, and schedules kind of go out the door,” she explained, adding, “It’s like, ‘Hey, if I don’t get to it, it’s fine.’ I’ve just relaxed so much more, and it’s been fun for me.”

Could a sixth kid be in the future for the Gaines family? “Heck if I know,” the HGTV star said, hinting that Chip has mentioned the possibility of a little sister for Crew. Gaines joked, “No plans for another baby but then again, we’ve never been planners anyway.”

And Gaines, whose first children’s book came out this week, isn’t the only celeb parent who thinks that more kids lead to more relaxed parents. Kim Kardashian West, who’s expecting her fourth child sometime this year, recently told Jimmy Fallon, “I heard that parents of four are the most enlightened and calm of all parents.”