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Joanna Gaines’s New Children’s Book is Impressive For One Big Reason

You'll feel like such a bad parent after you realize what she's pulled off.


Parents know that getting kids to cooperate on anything is hard. Sometimes even getting kids to place nice together seems impossible, but Joanna Gaines — famous for HGTV’s Fixer Upper — has achieved the impossible with her five children. She’s gotten them all to collaborate on a book together.

On, Monday, Gaines announced on Instagram that she’s releasing a children’s book this spring. Titled We Are the Gardeners, the book, which her five kids helped write, is about their adventures starting the Gaines family garden.

“We wrote this children’s book together to tell the story of our journey in the garden—a story of trying and failing and trying again and never giving up,” the Fixer Upper star wrote in Monday’s post, sharing the first images of the book. “We hope it inspires you and your little ones to get outside, get your hands dirty, and grow something great!”

The book, which will hit shelves on March 26, 2019, features gorgeous watercolor illustrations by Julianna Swaney along with input from husband Chip Gaines and their five kids (who are listed as co-authors): Drake, 13, Duke, 9, Ella, 12, Emmie, 8, and Crew, 7 months.

Gaines says she chose the topic because “the garden has always been a place that inspires me.” She added that her kids love it just as much as she does because of what they learn from it.

“[The garden] can be a great teacher, if we pause long enough to notice all there is to learn. Where every day can be a lesson in hard work, and sometimes even in failure, but where there’s also growth worth celebrating,” she explained.

While We Are the Gardeners may be the 40-year-old’s first time writing for children, it’s not her first time as an author. Gaines has previously published three best-selling books: The Magnolia Story, Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave, and Magnolia Table: A Collection of Recipes for Gathering.

Her latest release is currently available for preorder on Amazon.