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J.Lo’s Best SNL Sketches Mock HGTV and Give ‘Home Alone’ the Props It Deserves

"Home Alone is a good movie!"

Credit: NBC / Saturday Night Live

This past weekend, Jennifer Lopez hosted Saturday Night Live, and while it’s not her first time on the show, it’s been a while. Since JLo is a triple-threat talent, she’s been featured on the show in previous years as both a host and a performer, but the last time she was on the state was 2010. She made us wait nearly 10 years and well, her appearance didn’t disappoint.

The 50-year-old started the gig off like everyone else, with a monologue, and hers was so on-brand; it didn’t surprise me one bit. I can admit, I’m not the biggest fan of JLo, but it’s undeniable that she had one killer year – professionally and personally. And this was exactly the theme of her opening monologue. She had an “unbelievable year” and touted all that she’s been successful in this year – from getting proposed to by a Yankee, to preparing for the Super Bowl halftime show and having a sold-out tour.

Her monologue had mixed reviews, just like my feelings, with some applauding her and celebrating along with all she’s accomplished. The other half found it to be very “me me me,” which I think it just kind of her thing. But, either way, she’s not wrong and it was a good way for her to start the show.

It’s clear JLo is at home on the stage and live TV didn’t intimate her one bit. She brought the fun and laughs with many of her skits, but two stood out above the rest.

Jennifer Lopez led a skit that poked fun at HGTV, and one of their biggest power couples to come from the network: Joanna and Chip Gaines. The mock TV show titled Surprise Home Makeover: Holiday Edition had Keenan Thompson playing Becker Cheeks, the fake host of the show and Lopez, along with Matt Schlatt, play the couple who get surprised with a home makeover.

The two play a hilariously awkward couple who have a love of Smurfs, and the show pokes fun at all the typical things we see in these shows that try to make them extra inspirational.

The second skit that made me laugh out loud was perfectly on theme for the holidays, but it had some surprising connections to Home Alone.

The skit titled Hip-Hop Caroling has Jennifer Lopez pair up with SNL stars Keenan Thomson again, Chris Redd, and Pete Davidson. The group plays Christmas Carolers who dial in on hip-hop and R&B songs from the late ’90s early ’00s. The humor in this skit comes from the songs because they flipped hip-hop classics to fit Christmas… and the movie Home Alone. It was unexpected and totally hilarious, and it’s nice to see the movie get the Christmas props it deserves.

You can watch the entire episode on NBC.