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J.K. Rowling Finally Confirmed a Popular Fan Theory About Hermione’s Name

Rowling has finally put a nail in this debate forever.

Warner Bros

The Harry Potter series is overrun with fan theories. Some of them are pretty plausible and make a lot of sense, and others suggest that Albus Dumbledore is actually a time-traveling version of Ron Weasley—enough said. But, when a theory comes right from the horse’s mouth, you know it’s the real deal. And in this case, the ‘horse’ is series author J.K Rowling, who just confirmed a major theory about one main character’s name.

It’s hard to recall that there was actually a time when there were more Harry Potter books than there were films. For a while there, fans were actually a bit split on how to pronounce Hermione Granger’s name. Now Rowling admitted on Twitter that she wrote the pronunciation of her name into The Goblet of Fire just to put that debate to rest.

Okay, so cracking the code on how Rowling wanted fans to pronounce Hermione’s name is all well and good, but it feels like small potatoes compared to some of the larger questions that still surround her story. For example, when she uses the time turner, does she actually get younger each time she goes back? Or, here’s a traumatizing one, did she ever un-obliviate her parents, or are they just still walking around with absolutely no recollection of their only child?