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Jimmy Kimmel Lost the Remote Control Power Struggle With His 3-Year-Old Daughter

Kimmel and his daughter engaged in an epic psychological battle over the weekend to determine who was the true controller of the clicker. It didn't go well for dad.


There comes a time in every parent’s life where they are forced to set aside all niceties and engage in a power struggle with their child. Sometimes, these power struggles can be solved peacefully; other times, it evolves into a nonstop war that begins the moment your kid is old enough to say words. For Jimmy Kimmel, who discussed a recent turf war with his toddler, it revolves around the TV remote. As Kimmel explained last night, he and his 3-year-old daughter Jane engaged in an epic psychological battle over the weekend to determine who is the true controller of the control. Unsurprisingly, it did not go well for dad.

Like most dads, Kimmel wanted to spend his Sunday night watching the NFC Conference Championship game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Philadelphia Eagles while Jane felt their time was better spent watching Paw Patrol. Kimmel knew that saying no to his daughter without any real reason or explanation would only result in a tantrum, so he tried to trick her into wanting to watch the game by asking her whether she liked the Vikings’ purple helmets more than the Eagles’ green helmets. Unfortunately, Jane saw right through her dad’s clever scheming and declared that she had no interest in the game.

At this point, Kimmel knew he had been bested by Jane and he nobly admitted defeat by heading into his bedroom to watch the rest of the game on the smaller TV, leaving Jane to enjoy Paw Patrol in the living room. But while Kimmel may have lost this battle, we have a feeling that this war to control the TV is far from over.