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Jimmy Kimmel’s Health Care Fight With Bill Cassidy is Ramping Up

The late-night host responds to Bill Cassidy’s ongoing healthcare dishonesty and “phony little creep” Brian Kilmeade.

A day following his impassioned monologue on healthcare that called out Senator Bill Cassidy, Jimmy Kimmel continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the fight to preserve coverage for millions of Americans. Last night, Kimmel pushed back against criticisms pointed his way after he took issue with a senator who did, it would seem, lie to his face–specifically about the criticism that he was politicizing his child and his child’s health condition. In a monologue aimed at politicians, commentators, and trolls, Kimmel took issue with those pulling “the all-comedians-are-dummies card” and reiterated the stakes of the health care debate he has (and who saw this coming?) publicly joined.

Kimmel had some choice words for Fox and Friends’ Brian Kilmeade, who seemed to try to invalidate Kimmel’s criticism by trivializing him as a member of the “Hollywood elite…pushing their politics on the rest of the country.” Not only is that a tired argument, Kimmel pointed out, but it implies that he can’t be a normal father and human as well as a showbiz success. He reiterated that health care is a deeply personal issue for him because of his newborn son’s heart surgery and that his experience with his son politicized him.

Kimmel concluded the monologue by emphasizing that it’s up to concerned citizens to voice their criticisms of a bill that could strip millions of children of health care and potentially jeopardize their lives or saddle them with permanent debt, by calling their senators. “Please stop texting for five seconds and make a phone call,” he stressed.

And, no, Kimmel isn’t one to let a joke or beef die quickly. He again went after Senator Cassidy, who insisted in May that any new healthcare law would have to pass what he dubbed “The Jimmy Kimmel Test” and provide coverage for those with pre-existing conditions without lifetime caps. Cassidy’s new healthcare bill, co-authored with Senator Lindsay Graham, doesn’t guarantee any of these things. Responding to Kimmel’s understandable outrage, Cassidy had suggested that the host “does not understand” his bill in a recent CNN interview. Kimmel suggested forcefully that he understood it just fine.