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Jimmy Kimmel Discusses Downside of Letting 4-Year-Old Pick Their Own Halloween Costume

You want your kid to be independent, but you also don't want to cater to all of their whims and fancies.

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel talked about letting his four-year-old daughter Jane choose her own Halloween costume this year and the unexpected complications that come with letting a toddler decide on anything.

As Kimmel explained, he and his wife Molly were excited to let Jane decide what she would dress up as for trick-or-treating and, initially, it seemed like everything was going smoothly. Kimmel’s daughter stated she would not be a princess, which amused Kimmel because nobody had mentioned a princess costume before. Instead, she wanted to be Wonder Woman. Kimmel and his wife happily bought their daughter the costume online, but when it arrived, trouble began.

Jane told her parents that she no longer wanted to be Wonder Woman for Halloween, despite the fact that Kimmel and Molly had already overpaid for the costume. Now, Kimmel and his wife are scrambling trying to figure out what the hell to do about their daughter’s Halloween costume. Do they let her pick again, knowing that may just change her mind? Do they decide for her, stripping their child of what little autonomy she has at this point in her life?

Kimmel’s situation speaks to one of the biggest Catch-22’s of parenting: Having to let someone who is simultaneously incredibly opinionated and frustratingly fickle make decisions that could affect their lives (and yours). Once a child reaches a certain age, they’ll be able to choose their own Halloween costume and make other choices without a second thought, but before then, you kind of just hope they don’t change their mind too many times.