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Jimmy Kimmel Had New York and LA Kids Fight Over Which City is Best

Jimmy Kimmel asked kids to settle the battle once and for all. Sick burns commenced.

There’s no American city rivalry greater than New York and Los Angeles. East Coast vs. West Coast. Shake Shack vs. In-N-Out. The battle between these two has been going on for decades and Jimmy Kimmel, filming his show from Brooklyn this week, decided to add some fuel to the fire by asking kids from both cities which one was better and why. Unsurprisingly, the kids tended to be a bit biased towards the city they were currently living in, with each insisting that someone would have to be crazy to not prefer their city over the other one.

A young girl from New York took the first shot, exuding all the arrogance and pride of a true New Yorker when she explained that “everybody wishes they lived in New York” before taking a shot at the fact that you have to sit in traffic all day if you live in LA. A boy then backed up her sentiment, simply declaring New York to be the best city in the world without offering any explanation. Bold move.

After a tough start, LA needed its kids to come in strong and they did not disappoint. One young boy said he loves LA because of Legoland and the fact that his mom’s brother lives there. Strong. Another kid boasted about the health-consciousness of Los Angeles, noting that people in New York are all fat. Someone call the hospital because that burn was sick.

The winning line of the fight, however, may have come from New York, as a boy explained New York’s unquestionable supremacy over LA by simply stating “we don’t have the Kardashians.” It’s a tough argument to come back from but even though the Big Apple may have won this round, this bitter battle between two cities is far from over. And with the Yankees and Dodgers both a win away from the World Series, it could just be getting warmed up.