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Jimmy Kimmel Creates Red Band Trailer for ‘Paddington 2’

The trailer reveals the beloved British bear is secretly harboring a lust for drugs.

To celebrate Paddington 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the beloved 2014 film opening in theaters across the United States, Jimmy Kimmel decided to create an adult-themed “red band” trailer for the G-rated kid’s movie. Featuring real footage from the film, Kimmel also took a few creative liberties to make the story a bit more grizzly.

Kimmel’s reimagining of Paddington 2 is as insane as you would imagine, positing that most of Paddington’s adorable behavior is actually fueled by a crippling cocaine addiction. The trailer strongly implies that Paddington’s nasty drug habit causes him to, at the very least, stab someone with a knife, which forces him to go on the run from the cops. Eventually, our drug-addled hero ends up in prison to try and turn his life around before it’s too late for him. Kimmel also throws in some footage of some bears having sex at the very end, just to make sure he really earned that R rating.

The hilarious trailer shows that with a bit of creative editing (and some extra footage), the most heartwarming and sweet kid’s movie can be transformed into a film that even Sidney Lumet would find too gritty. After all, it only took is some well-placed beeps to make the Count from Sesame Street a George Carlin-level pottymouth. Hopefully, Kimmel creates more red band trailers for popular kid’s movies, as we would love to see what he would do with the Pixar canon.