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Jimmy Kimmel Has Kids Tell Their Dads the Worst Thing They’ve Ever Done

Kimmel's hilarious Father's Day tradition is back again as kids confess their misdoings in front of their fathers.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Kids are wonderful but every parent knows that every child is an agent of chaos just waiting to unleash a bit of mischief onto the world around them. And no matter how well-behaved a kid seems to be, dad knows that, deep down, they have secret things they have done that they hope their parents never discover. With Father’s Day coming up, Jimmy Kimmel decided to explore this unspoken parent-child dynamic by asking kids to confess the worst thing they’ve ever done while their dad is standing right next to them.

Kimmel had no trouble finding willing participants for the segment, and the confessions quickly went off the rails in hilarious and spectacular fashion. A young girl confessed to semi-regularly stealing money out of her dad’s wallet. Her dad, a cop, said he was surprised that his daughter was the culprit, as he assumed it was his wife. Fortunately, no arrests were made.

A college student confirmed every parent’s worst fear when she confessed to her partying habits to her dad, who was in complete denial about her drinking. She also admitted that one time she tricked him into letting her stay in a hotel by telling him she was sick when she was actually hungover.

And one son told his dad that the first time he did anything “provocative” with his girlfriend was in the back of his old man’s car. His dad then made the extremely foolish decision of asking for more details, making the son confirm that the “provocative” incident didn’t involve any clothes. Finally, Jamie Foxx made a surprise appearance with his daughter Connie, the actor was horrified to learn that his daughter had helped all of her classmates get fake IDs in high school.

This slightly awkward but mostly hysterical segment has been a favorite Father’s Day tradition for Kimmel, as the mischievous prankster has gotten kids to own up to their misdoings in front of their dads for the last several years. Hopefully, as Kimmel’s own kids get older, the bit will turn on him and he will have to hear some of the bad things they’ve done behind their old man’s back.