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Jimmy Kimmel Has a New Job as Santa’s ‘Naughty or Nice’ Enforcer

Good luck lying to Jimmy about whether or not you've been nice this year.

As Christmas approaches, kids around the world are writing up lists of all the toys and gadgets their little hearts desire and checking it twice. But every kid knows that the only way they’ll get what they want on Christmas morning is if they first convince Santa that they have been nothing but nice for the past year. Unfortunately, Santa’s newest elf helper seems determined to expose kids for all their secret naughtiness. Last night, late night host and beloved prankster Jimmy Kimmel revealed his new job as Santa’s “naughty or nice” screener and his interrogation of a little girl named Lucy proves that he means business.

Kimmel, with the help of his partner-in-crime Guillermo, sat down with Lucy and asked her if she had been nice this year. Lucy assured Kimmel that she had been a model citizen for all of 2017 and even revealed that her sister had been a giant jerk to everyone in the family. Unfortunately for Lucy, Kimmel had done his homework and he showed her a video of her throwing a massive tantrum when she was not allowed to wear the dress she wanted. At first, Lucy tried to deny the video was of her but she eventually admitted to losing it a little bit.

Lucy explained that after her tantrum, she apologized to her mom for her outburst, which is something a naughty kid would never do. Kimmel was so happy to hear about her apology that he even let her go into the gingerbread house and record a special message just for Santa. Lucy told Santa that she wanted a mermaid and a shopkin before promising that she was “always going to listen to my mom, even if I disagree with her intensely.” Kimmel promised to put in a good word with Santa on Lucy’s behalf and assured her that her Christmas will be one to remember.