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Jimmy Kimmel Has An Uncoventional Motivation For Getting His Daughter to Eat Dinner

The Late Night host resorts to some good old fashioned tough love.


At some point, every parent faces the struggle of trying to get their kid to sit down and eat dinner but when Jimmy Kimmel discovered his daughter Jane wanted cookies before eating a meal he spent six hours preparing, he decided to use some unconventional parenting methods to keep her from skipping a meal. Kimmel explains that he spent one of his days off making his family risotto while his wife and daughter made some chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Unfortunately, when the time came for Jane to actually eat the culinary masterpiece her father had prepared, she was only interested in eating the cookies. She began demanding that she only eat the cookies for dinner and skip the risotto altogether.  Kimmel begged his daughter to just try the pasta dish but she refused, so the late night host decided to teach his daughter that in life, you can’t always get what you want. Rather than simply letting her skip dinner, Kimmel explained that if she did not eat her dinner, he would toss the tray of homemade cookies into the pool. When Jane still wouldn’t eat the risotto, Kimmel, as promised, threw one of the cookies into the pool.

Fortunately, only two cookies ended up in the pool before Jane finally caved and agreed to eat some risotto, if only to keep the rest of her beloved cookies from facing a watery grave. Kimmel admitted that he was glad that his daughter didn’t make him toss any more dessert in the pool, as he felt guilty letting those treats go to waste just to prove a point. And while this is probably not a trick he will end up using every time his daughter won’t eat a meal, Kimmel did suggest that the White House start using the cookie toss as a method to motivate Donald Trump when he’s being ornery.