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Jimmy Kimmel Asked Kids Who Should Be President and Their Answers Are Hilarious

"Not Donald Trump."

Youtube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

I know it seems like the world is going down the crapper, but it’s all going to be okay. The kids have got this. At least, the kids that Jimmy Kimmel asked who the next president should be. In a new video on the host’s late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he took to the streets to find out who America’s youth thinks should be the next president. Given that the bar is currently set very low, their answers were nothing short of hilarious.

One young girl said Michelle Obama would be great. When asked why, she replied, “Well, she was a better president than Donald Trump.” No arguments here. Others went a similar route, comparing their choices to the, um, problems in the current administration. “Maybe Justin Bieber,” one boy answered. Why? “Uh, he’d be better than the one we have right now,” he said. Touche. Another kid simply answered, “Not Donald Trump.”

Some answers were truly wholesome, with one girl saying that her camp counselor would be a great choice. “She helps the environment a lot and I think she’d be a great president,” she said. “My mommy,” said another. No, we’re not crying, there’s just something in our eyes.

Of course, many turned to celebrities, who apparently are on par with politicians these days. “Bruno Mars,” answered one boy. “Because he would take care of people and make good music for people.” Oprah was obviously mentioned, because “she’s very inspirational.”

However, one answer was arguably the best, mostly because no explanation followed. Who should be the next president, according to one young man? “Alf.”