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Jimmy Fallon and Tyler Perry Bond Over Their Hatred of ‘PAW Patrol’

They're not big fans of 'Dora the Explorer' either.

Last night, Tyler Perry was on The Tonight Show to talk with Jimmy Fallon about his new movie Boo 2! A Madea Halloween. But the two dads quickly ended up bonding over their mutual hatred of PAW Patrol, instead. We feel you guys.

After Perry mentions that his son is into PAW Patrol, Fallon cringes in that way any parent who’s been forced to watch an unhealthy amount of the adventures of Ryder, Chase, and the rest of the rescue dog crew can understand. The two bond over their toddler’s obsessions with the show and how it’s constantly playing in their homes. At one point, the two men began to sing the PAW Patrol theme song, just to demonstrate how much they know about it. It’s obvious that the show has taken it’s toll on them.

But it wasn’t only PAW Patrol that enraged thesw two. Perry and Fallon’s conversation quickly turned to Dora the Explorer and the two had just as much of a gripe with the tiny, bilingual adventurer. Perry said he had seen so many episodes that he sort of wanted to choke Dora, while Jimmy specifically went after the singing Map, channeling his inner Brian Regan and complaining about the fact that the stupid map sings the same stupid song every stupid time Dora needs it. These two clearly love their kids and love making their kids happy, but, as any father can relate, they are sick and tired of having to watch the same shows over and over.

While we feel for Fallon and Perry, it’s honestly a little fun to hear two extremely famous and successful people admit they can’t escape this universal parenting truth. If you’re a parent, you’re going to have to learn to live with a lot of repetition. If your kid likes a song, you’re going to have to listen to it 500 times. If Minions is their favorite movie, you’re going to have to watch it so many times you’ll become fluent in their native gibberish. And if your kid loves PAW Patrol, you can say goodbye to Game of Thrones or Bojack Horseman. This is your world now.